BMI Calculator For Kids – Calculate Body mass index of kids ✅

BMI Calculator For Kids

This BMI Calculator tells body mass index (BMI) score for kids with healthy diet plan to improve the kids health.

Bmi Calculator
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The calculations are based on WHO recommendations.

BMI Calculator For Kids

Bmi calculator for kids is used to know the BMI score of kids, The high BMI score can lead to severe diseases in kids this BMI calculator for kids tells that is your child is underweight, at an ideal weight, at risk of being overweight, or is now overweight.

Kids Bmi calculator can be very beneficial for your children because it tells the exact body mass index of your kids from which you can get to know which diet plans you should follow for children for better health.

What Does Kids Bmi calculator Says

Kids’ BMI calculator is not a direct method of measuring body fat but it predicts that Kids with high BMI  can have a large frame or a lot of muscles and kids with low BMI range will have a small frame and fewer muscles.

BMI categories for Kids

  • Underweight: If your kids’ BMI is under 18.5 than your kids will be considered as underweight.
  • Overweight: If your kid’s BMI is under 25–29.9 then your kids can be under the overweight condition you should start following a proper diet.
  • Obese: If your kid’s BMI is 30 or greater than 30 than kids will be considered obese.

Best Diet Plan for Kids to improve BMI

A nutritional diet plan for kids is very necessary for improving the body mass index of the kids follows some nutritional contents given below to improve the kid’s BMI.

Protein: Choose seafood, eggs, beans, peas, soy products, and unsalted nuts and prefer eggs as much as you can.

Fruits: Try to give fruits to your kids you can prefer giving fresh or dried fruits but avoid giving juices. 

Vegetables: Give them fresh vegetables to try to give them a variety of vegetables including dark green, red and orange, beans, and peas with other green leaf vegetables.

Grains: Choose whole-wheat meals, oatmeals popcorn, quinoa, or brown.

BMI Chart For Kids

BMI chart for kids tells the body mass index of the kids with their known weight and height in their units.

kids bmi chart


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