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Body Fat Calculator

Body Fat Calculator checks the amount of fat present in your body with the help of body fat percentage, It will help you to know progress related to your health and in the category of BMI, you fall. Body Fat can be calculated in many ways but with body fat calculator you can estimate your body fat percentage easily at home for free.

Body Fat Percentage Calculator
Measuring System
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Your Body Fat
Body Fat Category
Calculations are as per US Navy Formula

How to use body fat calculator

Using this body fat calculator is very easy for anyone, you have to select your measuring system and input asked details and you will get your body fat percentage and also check your category from the table provided.

body fat calculator


What does your body fat percentage say?

Your Body Fat percentage tells about in which body fat category you fall. Body fat categories include Essential, Athletes, Average, or Obese.

You can check your body fat categories from the body fat categories table given the upside. Always keep in mind that categories displayed in tables are based on body fat norms and may not be an indicator of your specific level of fitness or health.

As we know that our body fat is directly connected with body mass index so you must calculate you body mass index from here ->> Body mass index calculator

What is a Healthy body fat percentage?

Healthy Body fat percentage for men and women differs, In the case of women’s body fat percentage which lies in the range of 13-31% is considered to be healthy. 

In Men’s Body fat percentage which lies in 5-24% considered healthy and perfect.

Yet body fat percentage is not considered to be most perfect for measuring body but as we get older by times body fat increases in our body due to slow metabolism.

Body Fat Percentage Chart


Why Measure Body Fat Percentage?

Measuring our body fat percentage is very important for our body If you are planning for weight loss,  slim down, boost your health, or improving body fitness than by measuring the changes in your body fat percentage you can easily estimate your improvement in your health.

Body fat calculator works perfectly in 99.99% cases so you can improve your body fat percentage to better categories just by estimating the scores.


Guide to Body Fat Calculator

body fat calculator

Using This Body Fat Calculator is very easy you just have to choose the suitable measuring system and fill the asked data and hit click on the submit button you will easily get your body fat percentage.

Where This Body Fat Calculator Can be used

This Body Fat calculator is specially designed to calculate your body fat percentage so you can use it for knowing the percentage of fat in your body, maintaining healthy and you can also use this for maintaining a healthy diet and good fitness in your body.

Body Fat calculator army

The body fat calculator army is used for calculation of body fat of army person. Calculator body fat percentage based on methods published in the U.S.

Body fat calculator navy

The body fat calculator navy is used for calculation of body fat of the navy person. Calculator body fat percentage based on methods published in the U.S.

Body fat calculator caliper 

Body fat caliper works perfectly for this kind of body fat percentage calculations.

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